Frequently asked questions

I’ve never sung with a choir before. Is that a problem?

Not at all. Our approach to singing makes it easy for you to start and develop. No experience is necessary and before you know it, it’ll feel natural to be singing along with everyone else. We start afresh with a new programme every term so, at the beginning, you’re likely to find that even the more experienced singers are feeling the challenge. By week three or four it’ll feel easier.

What is the age range of the choirs?

The average age of choir members varies a little from location to location, but there is a very broad mix of ages from 18 to 80 with the majority of people between 30 and 70. Everyone is welcomed from the young to the ‘young at heart’ - age is quite irrelevant in our choirs.

Will I have to sing on my own in front of others?

No! There are no auditions and we would never put people on the spot. You will always be singing with a group of others as you learn the harmonies together.

How do I know whether to sing soprano or alto, tenor or bass?

If you are not sure, try singing a middle part to begin with (alto or tenor) but don’t worry, you’ll soon get a sense of where your voice feels most comfortable. We encourage everyone to try different parts anyway. People often swap if they realise that a particular harmony is too high or low for them!

What sort of performances do you give?

All of our choirs work towards an end of term performance. It’s a satisfying way to round off our efforts, and showcase our achievements to family and friends. They are usually fairly informal, short concerts in or close to your place of rehearsal. Sometimes two or more of our choirs join forces to give concerts.

Can I join a choir straight away?

Our choirs run on a 12 week termly basis, broadly in line with the academic year. We master a new programme of songs each term with a performance at the end. The beginning of term is therefore the best time to join. We invite new members to come along for a taster session in the first three weeks of every term. You may be able to start later in the term if you feel you would like the challenge. If so please call Catherine on 07985 094322.

When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are for two hours once a week in the evenings.  Please see individual choir pages for details.

Is it a problem if I can’t attend all the rehearsals?

No, we recognise that everyone has busy lives and can’t always make it. There’s no substitute for rehearsing all together, especially as we approach a performance, but we provide you with song words and recordings of parts so you can practise at home.

I know I can only come to some rehearsals, can you reduce the fee?

We will charge a pro-rata fee if you join up after the start of term, but otherwise we charge the full term’s fee regardless of how many rehearsals you attend.