How To Pay

There are two ways you can pay Vocality:

BY CHEQUE payable to Vocality Singing Ltd (given to the administrator at your rehearsal)

BY BANK TRANSFER You can make a transfer using the following account and giving your name and choir as a reference: Vocality Singing Ltd, Account: 56564724, Sort Code: 60-08-04

Calculating your payment
To calculate your payment you may find the following information helpful. If you are not sure, please ask your choir administrator or contact us letting us know the first date you attended the choir (AFTER the free taster session)

If you are a current member and you are paying for a term, you will find details of the full term’s fees on your choir’s page on the website (see locations).
If you are a new member, choir sessions must be paid for at a rate of £11 per session.

These payments should be for all the sessions until the end of term starting from the first rehearsal you attend AFTER your free taster session.