What we sing

Our unusual multicultural repertoire is a big part of what makes Vocality different.

Each term we sing an eclectic selection of 8 to 10 songs, chosen to give a good balance of styles and level of challenge, but most of all for their uplifting qualities.

The songs are arranged with beautiful three or four part harmonies and are sung without accompaniment (or ‘a capella’) so that the music is created by our collective voices.

It can take several weeks to really crack some songs but there’s weekly pleasure in feeling the harmonies take shape.  And, of course, you are provided with audio downloads or CDs so that you can practice your parts at home and don't need to worry about remembering everything from the rehearsal.

A typical term’s selection of songs might include some pop, jazz, blues and folksongs, a gospel or spiritual and maybe one or two lesser well known songs of African, Maori, Georgian, or Hebrew origin.