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Although our choirs cannot currently meet in person, we are still singing together
online. Try it out for free!

Email if you are interested.

vocality choirs

Our choirs and singing workshops in Surrey and South West London bring people together to sing a range of uplifting music in unaccompanied harmony.

every voice counts

no auditions
no solos
no sheet music
no backing tracks

We know you don’t need to read music to make music. We learn every song by listening to our talented choir leaders and we can practise between rehearsals using tailor-made vocal tracks for each voice part.

give it a go!

Vocality choirs warmly welcome adults who love to sing - beginners and more experienced singers alike.  Come along for a free taster at any of our local choirs and we're sure you'll leave wanting more.

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I’m delighted to have found such a welcoming choir near me

fun & friendly

Our rehearsals are warm and friendly places to spend the evening. You'll enjoy the camaraderie that comes from singing together and socialising with a likeminded group of people.