ewell and cheam concert details!

I hear fantastic things from Charlotte about you on Thursday. She said that she absolutely loved the session and you had all put in a lot of work to be able to perform those songs with a different leader.

She did tell me of the few things that were a little shaky that she let you know about so please make sure that you are confident on everything by Thursday. I hope that you, boys have managed to sort who who's introducing your item too.

We will be meeting earlier at 7.00pm at the Church on Thursday to give us a chance to sing through properly before a quick break and then the concert starting from 8.30. We will open the doors at 8.15 for your avid fan-base to get some good seats. Please remember to come dressed in your Vocality colours (website colour scheme) and dark bottom halves. Nice strong colours please.

Can't wait to hear how you are all sounding. See you at 7 on Thursday!

S 🙂