Not at all. Our approach to singing makes it easy for you. No singing experience is necessary and before you know it, it’ll feel natural to be singing along with everyone else. We start with a new set of songs each term and our taster sessions take place at the beginning of term so that everyone is learning together. Our more experienced singers will help you along and by week three or four you’ll be much more confident.

The average age of choir members varies a little from location to location, but there is a very broad mix of ages from 18 to 90, with the majority of people between 30 and 70. Everyone is welcomed; age is quite irrelevant in our choirs and some firm inter-generational friendships have developed as a result.

No! There are no auditions and we don’t put people on the spot. You will be singing with a group of others as you learn the harmonies together.

No, because we don’t use sheet music. Everyone learns by ear in rehearsal and we can all practise at home using our tailor-made vocal track recordings for each song and voice part.

If you are not sure, try singing a middle part to begin with (alto or tenor) and move around to other parts if you think they might suit you better. Don’t worry, you’ll soon get a sense of where your voice feels most comfortable. We encourage everyone to try different parts anyway, and people often swap for individual songs if they realise that a particular harmony part is too high or low for them!

Our choirs usually work towards a local performance at the end of each term. It’s a satisfying way to round off our efforts and showcase our achievements to our friends and families. These are mostly short, informal concerts and sometimes two or more of our choirs come together to perform.

Our choirs run on a termly basis, broadly in line with the academic year. We master a new programme of songs each term with a performance at the end. The beginning of term is therefore the best time to join. We invite new members to come along for a free taster session within the first three weeks of every term. You may be able to start later in the term if you feel you would like the challenge. If so, please contact us.

No, we recognise that everyone has busy lives and can’t always make it. There’s no substitute for rehearsing together, especially as we approach a performance, but we provide you with song words and tailor-made vocal recordings for each voice part so you can practise at home.

Current members’ fees are payable for the full term regardless of the number of rehearsals they attend.

New members’ fees are calculated at a rate of £11 per session from the date they start (AFTER the free taster) up until the last rehearsal of term, regardless of how many they attend.

Fees are charged at a rate of £11 per session payable in advance at the beginning of any term.  Terms lengths vary but are usually 10 to 12 weeks.  Missed rehearsals are not refundable.

Taster sessions are free of charge.   If you would like to join after attending a taster, your fees will be pro-rated from the date you join for the remainder of the term.  Missed rehearsals (after you have joined) are not refundable.

No, we don't give out sheet music.  We provide both words and audible teaching tracks for all voice parts.