Hello folks.


Thanks for another good rehearsal last night. We were sounding really great, and nice and full. We were a few people down so thanks for giving it that little bit more and filling out the sound.



So, we started with a quick recap of 'The Storm is Passing Over'. This was sounding really good, and nice and full. The only thing left to learn is the second verse (which is exactly the same notes as the 1st verse with a slightly different rhythm). Essentially we are there with this one and it sounds great.


Then we had a go at 'I'll Fly Away'. We really honed in on the tuning with this one, and took it apart. It is sounding much more comfortable now. Although the notes are relatively straight forward, the chords are actually quite spread out and therefore difficult to tune, so it is quite a difficult one to master. But, that said, it is getting to sound really good, and the familiar it becomes the better it gets.


Then we finished by looking at 'Adiemus'. I think this is a really difficult one (and actually not a piece we would expect do with a brand new choir). So well done all for making it sound a lot less difficult than it actually is! I'm amazed we got that last section together as quickly as we did. The lines are really tricky and don't always do what you'd expect. We will come back to this one next week so please keep listening to your CDs.


Next week we will carry on with 'Adiemus'.


We will also revisit the 'Pearl and Dean' theme. We haven't done this for a little while, but I'm sure it will come back to us.

We will also look at 'Iqude' again, and make sure that we haven't forgotten any of that.

And if we have time we will have a quick run of 'Don't Fence Me In'.


Please keep listening to your CDs. We have a lot of music this term (and lots of it is very challenging) so any work you can do outside of rehearsals will be very beneficial.

The choir is singing really well, and for a small group (and a new group) it is a really impressive sound. I think there is lots of scope for an exciting and varied programme of music next term, and I'm really pleased with how the choir has handled all the music for this term.

And lastly, we have had a few people away in the last couple of weeks and slightly fewer numbers. It would be great to give the numbers a bit of a boost for the rest of term and also next term, so please try and make it to as many rehearsals as you can. And also, lets spread the word! It would be brilliant to have some new faces to impress. The standard of singing is really high, and if we had a few more members we could sing things in more parts and open up a more varied repertoire for next term. So please try and encourage people to come along, if you know of anyone who might be interested let them know, or take some flyers at the end of the next rehearsal. It is such a lovely group and it would be great to see it expand and take over the world!


Looking forward to seeing you all next thursday.