term dates


term begins:

Claygate – Tuesday, 14th September 2021

Cheam – Thursday, 16th September

Twickenham – Tuesday 21st September 

Surbiton – Wednesday, 22nd September

Teddington – Thursday, 23rd September

half term (no rehearsals):

Week commencing 25th October 2021

term ends:

Claygate – Tuesday, 30th November

Cheam  – Thursday, 2nd December

Twickenham – Tuesday, 7th December

Surbiton – Wednesday, 8th December

Cheam and Teddington – Thursday, 9th December

term begins:

Twickenham – Tuesday 11th January

Surbiton – Wednesday 12th January

Teddington – Thursday 13th January

Claygate – Tuesday 18th January

Cheam – Thursday 20th January


half term (no rehearsals for Twickenham, Surbiton and Cheam)

Week commencing 14th February

(Claygate and Cheam WILL rehearse this week as normal)

term ends:

Twickenham – Tuesday 22nd March

Surbiton – Wednesday 23rd March

Teddington – Thursday 24th March

Claygate – Tuesday 29th March

Teddington – Thursday 31st March