term dates


term begins:

Barnes - Monday 20th January (free workshop, open to all), Monday 27th January (weekly choir sessions begin)

Claygate and Twickenham – Tuesday, 7th January

Surbiton – Wednesday, 8th January

Cheam and Teddington – Thursday, 9th January

half term (no rehearsals):

Week commencing 17th February

term ends:

Barnes - Monday 30th March

Claygate and Twickenham – Tuesday, 31st March

Surbiton – Wednesday, 1st April

Cheam and Teddington – Thursday, 2nd April

All choirs (except Barnes) will give short performances (free of charge) of the songs learned this term on the last rehearsal date of term.  See the performance page for more details.

term begins:

Barnes - Monday 20th April

Claygate and Twickenham – Tuesday 21st April

Surbiton – Wednesday 22nd April

Cheam and Teddington – Thursday 23rd April

half term (no rehearsals):

Week commencing 25th May

term ends:

Barnes - Monday 6th July

Claygate and Twickenham – Tuesday 7th July

Surbiton – Wednesday 8th July

Cheam and Teddington – Thursday 9th July

JOINT PERFORMANCE FOR ALL CHOIRS (except Barnes) - Saturday (afternoon) 11th July in the Hammond Theatre at Hampton School.  There will be 2 short performances that afternoon for which there will be a small charge for audience members.  Details soon on the Performance page.

Barnes, as a new choir, will most likely showcase their own term's songs (free of charge) on Monday 6th July.    TBC