vocality membership – terms and conditions

Vocality Singing (“Vocality”) was established to foster a love and enjoyment of singing part-music in as wide a range of people as possible, regardless of their previous experience or ability to read music.  Vocality choirs follow an aural tradition - learning by ear and performing without words or music.  Vocality is also a business and our aim is to run it professionally. The terms and conditions of membership of Vocality are set out below:

Running of the choir and membership

1. Vocality undertakes to ensure, as far as possible, continuity of leadership for all its choirs, but reserves the right to substitute a different leader in the event that the established leader is unable to take a choir rehearsal, for whatever reason, or is unable to continue as the full time leader of the choir.

2. Vocality fees are payable at the start of each term. Non-payment of fees will result in a lapse of membership.

3. In cases where a choir is “full”, once a membership has lapsed, the former member will need to join the waiting list to re-join the choir.

4. The management of Vocality and the choir leader have full discretion to manage separate waiting lists for different ranges of voice so as to keep the appropriate balance in each choir.

5. Refunds will be arranged in the event that a rehearsal has to be cancelled and a suitable substitute leader cannot be found.

6. Vocality reserves the right to end an individual’s membership where it is felt that the individual is obstructing the achievement of the aims of Vocality and the choir in question.

7. Refunds of fees will not be given for non-attendance at rehearsals.

Protection of Vocality Singing material

8. All Vocality Singing material, whether written, recorded or otherwise presented, which is made available to choir members should not be copied or made available to anyone outside of a Vocality choir, except through agreed public performance, without the written authority of Vocality Singing. Vocality reserves the right to charge a fee for the use of its materials in this way. Members have a duty to protect the copyright and intellectual property of Vocality Singing materials.

9. Members of Vocality may wish to sing and perform in smaller groups for their own enjoyment and Vocality is happy to facilitate and encourage this. However the name of Vocality should not be used by such groups or referred to in any promotional or other material unless Vocality has consented to this in writing and the group is being led by a Vocality leader. Such groups should not use or perform from Vocality materials without Vocality’s written authority.


10. It is the aim of Vocality to give its choir members the best possible singing experience consistent with its stated aims and method of operation. Members who have concerns or issues they want to raise should first talk to their choir leader. If the leader is unable to address the issue satisfactorily, it should be addressed to Catherine Dyson. Every effort will be taken to respond quickly.