what we sing

Scroll down the page to hear some clips of a few of our recent songs.

Each term we sing around eight uplifting songs, chosen to give a good variety of styles and tempo, and beautifully arranged to be sung in unaccompanied harmony.

We sing a mixture of pop, jazz, blues and folk songs, perhaps with a gospel or spiritual song thrown in, and maybe one or two lesser known songs from around the world.

We know you don’t need to read music to make music. We learn every song by listening to our talented choir leaders and we can practise between rehearsals using tailor-made vocal tracks for each voice part.

It can take a few weeks to perfect some songs, but there’s a real pleasure in feeling the harmonies take shape and building the whole choir sound. The best part is performing to our friends, families and local communities in our end of term concerts.

“I’m really proud of the sound Vocality choirs make”

Catherine Dyson, founder

examples of our music


and so it goes

mercy mercy

sao roma

she moved though the fair

somebody to love